# 3 (29) 2000


     "Sermons" by Archimandrite GEORGIJ (Tertyshnikov) and article "The Use of the Book of Psalms in the Life of Ancient Russia's People" open the 29th Issue (3rd in 2001) of Alpha & Omega. The same section Biblical Studies contains the next portion of the abstract of I. H. MARSHALL'S book "The Gospel of Luke. A Commentary on the Greek Text" (9:7—11:4) by Yakov TESTELETS started in Issues 23-28 of the journal.
     In the section Patristic Exegesis we publish an article by Yelena KAZENINA "St John Chrysostom in History of Biblical Exegesis".
     The section Patristics contains the "Second Catechumenic Instruction" by St JOHN CHRYSOSTOM translated into Russian by Irina PROLYGINA followed by the "Oration on the Annunciation of Our Most Holy Lady Theotokos" by St. NICHOLAS CABASILAS. In the same section we publish the next portion of the article «The Reasons of the Iconoclastic Controversy According to the Treatise by St. JOHN DAMASCENE "The First Oration against Those who repulse the Holy Icons"» by Deacon Nikolaj SAKHAROV, and the article "Double Knowledge according to Gregory Palamas" by P. C. CHRISTOU.
     The section Church in History includes an interview with the President of the Depatment on Youth Affairs of the Russian Orthodox Church ALEKSANDR, the Archbishop of Kostroma and Galich, articles "Patriarchs of All Russia's Burials" by Archmandrite MAKARIJ (Veretennikov), "Church and Family Today" by Fr Maksim KOZLOV, "Metropolitan Nikon of Novgorod's Way to Solovetsky Monastery for the Holy Remnants of St. Filipp", "The Mystery of the Second Grace" by Fr Aleksij TIMAKOV. The paper "The Unity Undestroyable by Eternity" by Aleksej beglov concludes the section.
     In the section Church in Eternity we continue the "Lives of the Newly Canonized Saints" that were started in Issues 15-16 and 18-28 of the journal. In this portion, the lives of St. Zosima (Verxovskij), of Martyr Fr Neofit Ljubimov, and of Martyr Fr Mitrofan and his 221 Fellow Martyrs in China are addressed.
     In the section Russia that is Not Gone we publish the paper "In Diaspora" by Fr Nikolaj PADERIN. The next section Dialogues and Soliloquies contains the last portion of "The Sleep of Reason produces Monsters" by Marina ZHURINSKAYA, and the article «Orthodoxy in Eisenstein's Film "John the Terrible"» by Jurij .
     The next section Church Culture contains an article by Metropolitan AMPHILOCH (Radovic) "What Orthodoxy Means for the Modem Young People". In the section Home Church we publish "Answers on Questions" by Metropolitan ANTONY of Sourozh.
     Articles "The Holy Place of the Three Religions" by Archimandrite AVGUSTIN (Nikitin), "Studying Anatomy: What is Permissible?" by Deacon Mikhail PERSHIN, "Easter in China" by Kira POZDNJAJEVA, "From the History of the Western Theology: St. Ambrose" by Aleksej FOKIN, and Obituaries for NIKOLAJ, Metropolitan of Nizhny Novgorod and Arzamas, and for Fr Aleksandr SVETLICHNYJ conclude the issue.