# 4 (26) 1999


    An article by Fr Boris Pivovarov "Easter in the Bible. Christ Who is risen from the dead, our Easter and Salvation" opens the 26th Issue (the 4rd in 2000) of Alpha & Omega. The same section, Biblical Studies, contains the next instalment of the essay by Fr K. KUSTODIEV "Woman in the Old Testament" started in the Issues 22-25, and of the abstract of I. H. MARSHALL' s book "The Gospel of Luke. A Commentary on the Greek Text" (4:14-9:50) by Yakov TESTELETS started in the Issues 23-25 of the journal.
     The section Patristics contains treatise "Theophane or about on the Divine Nature and on Participation and Non-participation to It" by St GREGORY PALAMAS translated into Russian and provided with a Commentary by Kirill MIKHAJLOV, and the " The Letter of Ammon on Pachomios and Theodore Mode of Living and partly Living" translated into Russian and provided with a Commentary by Aleksej SIDOROV .
     The section Church in History includes the last portion of "Foundations of the Social Doctrine of the Russian Orthodox Church" recently appoved at the Bishop's Council of the Church started in Issue 25 of the journal, and articles by Archimandrite MAKARIJ (Veretennikov) "The most important Lifemarks of St. Makarij", by Fr Aleksij KNJAZEV "The Death of a Priest as Presented in the Slavic Book of Needs" translated into Russian by Tatjana MILLER, articles by Fr Peter PLANK "Orthodox Christians of Holy Land at Period of Crusades (1099-1187)", by Ol'ga VASIL'EVA "The Case of Archbishop Barpholomej or the Enigma of Man against the Russian Orthodox Church", and by Lidija GOLOVKOVA "The Particularity of reading Cases in the Light of the Canonization the Russian New Martyrs and Confessors".
     In the section Church in Eternity we continue " The Acts of the Christian Martyrs Agape, Irene and Chione of Thessalonika " translated into Russian and provided with a Commentary by Andrey Vinogradov with supplement of iconographical information by Yelena LUKOVNIKOVA. Here we also publish the last portion of "St Ignatij - the God-bearer of Russia" by Nun IGNATIJA (Petrovskaja) started in the Issue 25 of the journal .
     In the section Russia that Is Not Gone we publish the next portion of "Memoirs on his Eminence Kirill the Archbishop of Penza and Saransk" by Fr Vladimir TIMAKOV started in the Issue 25 of the journal.
     In the section Apologetics we publish a paper by Metropolitan ANTHONY of Sourozh "The Question of God" translated into Russian by Yelena MAJDANOVITCH .
     The next section Church Culture contains a paper by Metropolitan AMPHILOCH (Radovic) "Fatherhood, Patricide and Education" translated into Russian by Svetlana LUGANSKAYA , articles by Archimandrite AUGUSTINE (Nikitin) "The Manuscript Heritage of the Mount Athos: the Saint Paul Monastery", and by Margarita KIRILLOVA "The Rise of Religions Art in Moravian Serbia on the threshold of the Turkish Conquest (the late 14th - the first half of the 15th century)".
     Articles by Vera VOROBJEVA "The Conflict between Great Britain and the Papal Throne at 1850-1851", by Marina ZHURINSKAYA "The Life of Sainted", the third part of Vladimir LEGOJDA 's article ""Being Religious" in a Non-Religious Era", the next portion of "A Pilgrimage in the Holy Land in the End of the 20th century" by Nina TOROPCEVA started in the Issue 25 of the journal, and the contents of the journal in 2000 conclude the issue.