# 3 (25) 1999


    A sermon by Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh “Memory of All the Saints of Great Britain and Ireland” opens the 25th Issue (3rd in 2000) of Alpha & Omega. The same section Biblical Studies contains the next portion of the essay by Fr K. Kustodiev “Woman in the Old Testament” started in Issues 22–24, and of the abstract of I. H. Marshall’s book “The Gospel of Luke. A Commentary on the Greek Text” (2:41–4:13) by Yakov Testelets started in Issues 23–24 of the journal.
     The section Patristic Exegesis contains “Orations III and IV on the Nativity of the Lord” by St Leo the Great. In the same section we publish the next portion of the “Comments on the Epistle to Ephesians” by St Iustin (Popovic) started in Issue 24, and the “Oration on the Most Glorious Nativity of our Most Holy Lady Theotokos” by St Nicholas Cabasilas.
     The section Patristics contains “Letters to Nun Eulogia” by St Theolept of Philadelphia translated into Russian and provided with a Commentary by Aleksej Sidorov, and the next portion of the “Cosmic Liturgy. St Maximus the Confessor” by Hans Urs von Balthasar (started in Issues 14, 16, 19, and 23 of the journal).
     The section Church in History includes “Foundations of the Social Doctrine of the Russian Orthodox Church” recently appoved at the Bishop’s Council of the Church, an article by Archimandrite Makarij (Veretennikov) “Bishop Feodosij of Novgorod (1542–1551; †1563)”, and by Fr Aleksij Knjazev “The Great Sign of the Kingdom of Heaven, and its Coming in Power”.
     In the section Church in Eternity we continue the “Lives of the Newly Canonized Saints” that were started in Issues 15–16 and 18–24 of the journal. Here we also publish an article “St Ignatij — the Theophoros of Russia” by Nun Ignatija (Petrovskaja).
     In the section Russia that Is Not Gone we publish the “Memoirs on his Eminence Kirill the Archbishop of Penza and Saransk” by Fr Vladimir Timakov.
     The next section Church Culture contains an article by Metropolitan Amphiloch (Radovic) “Liturgy and Asceticism” translated into Russian and provided with a Preface by Fr Aleksij Uminskij.
     Articles by Tatjana Solovjeva “Oxford Movement: the Struggle for the Renovation of the Church in England”, by Nina Toropceva “A Pilgrimage in the Holy Land in the End of the XXth Century”, and by Aleksej Fokin “From the History of the Western Theology: St Leo the Great”, and Obituaries for Sergij, Archbishop of Novosibirsk and Berdsk, and for Sergej and Anna Kaledas conclude the issue.