# 2 (24) 1999


     “Sermons on the Readings from the Apostles” by Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh open the 24th issue (2nd in 2000) of Alpha & Omega. The same section Biblical Studies contains also the next portion of the essay by Fr. K. Kustodiev “Woman in the Old Testament” started in Issues 22–23 of the journal, and the next portion of the abstract of I. H. Marshall’s book “The Gospel of Luke. A Commentary on the Greek Text” (ch. 1–2) by Yakov Testelets (started in Issue 23 of the journal).
     The section Patristic Exegesis contains “A Commentary on St. Paul’s Epistle to Ephesians” by St. Iustin (Popovic). The section Patristics contains Oration 1 from the “Catechism Orations” by St. John Chrysostom, and “On Virginity, or Asceticism” supposadly attributed to St. Athanasios the Great, prepared for publication by Aleksej Sidorov.
     The section Church in History contains the “Reply to the Distrustful and a Short Account on the Holy Fathers that Lived in the Monasteries of the Russian Land” by St. Iosif Volotsky, “The Way of Piety” by Archbishop Varfolomej (Remov) prepared for publication by Aleksej Beglov, an article by Archimandrite Makarij (Veretennikov) “The Last Years of Episcopal Service of St. Makarij in Great Novgorod”. In the same section we publish an article by Archimandrite Placide (Deseille) “Death is Defeated”, the last portion of Pavel Serzhantov’s article “Time and Experience of Eternity in the Hesychast Anthropology” started in Issue 23 of the journal, and an article by Rowan Williams “Being a People: Reflection on the concept of the “Laity””.
     In the section Church in Eternity we continue the “Lives of the Newly Canonized Saints” that were started in Issues 15–16 and 18–23 of the journal.
     In the section Russia that Is Not Gone we publish “Memoirs on my Father Priest Vladimir Ambartsumov” by Lidija Kaleda.
     The next section Apologetics contains a paper by Svetlana Sidorova “I Do Not Cease to Speak of Repentance that Gives Us Serene Hope of Victory”.
     The section Church Culture contains an article by Fr. Aleksij Uminskij “The Orthodox Upbringing and the Contemporary World”, the last portion of the article by Nun Ignatija (Petrovskaja) “The Role of St. Andrew of Crete’s Great Canon and his other Works in the Church Hymnography”, poems by Nadezhda Pavlovich provided by a ðreface by Nina Toroptseva, and an article by Julija Sadovskaja ““Prophet Isaia’s Purification of Mouth” as a Prototype of the Eucharist in the Paintings in Christian Temples of the East”.
     An announcement of the competition in the memory of Metropolitan Makarij (Bulgakov), the second part of Vladimir Legojda’s article ““Being Religious” in a Non-Religious Era”, an article by Tatjana Mikhajlova “The Orthodox Church in Wurzburg”, by Elena Panjukova “Parish Newsletters in Germany”, by Aleksej Fokin “From the History of the Western Theology: St. Augustinus of Hippo”, and a Chronicle of a Conference “Ancient Church History and the Scientific Traditions of the XXth Century” conclude the issue.