# 1 (23) 1999


     A sermon by Bishop Basil (Osborn) on the Sunday after the Exaltation of the Precious Cross opens the 23rd Issue (1st in 2000) of Alpha & Omega. The same section Biblical Studies contains also the next portion of the essay by Fr K. Kustodiev “Woman in the Old Testament”, and an abstract of I. H.  Marshall’s book “The Gospel of Luke. A Commentary on the Greek Text” (ch. 1) by Yakov Testelets.
     The section Patristic Exegesis contains “Questions and Answers to Thalassios. LX” by St Maximus the Confessor translated into Russian and commented by Aleksej Sidorov. In the same section we publish the last portion of the “Book on the Seven Rules for the Study and Interpretation of the Holy Scripture” by Tychonius. The section Patristics contains a portion of the “Cosmic Liturgy. St Maximus the Confessor” by Hans Urs von Balthasar (started in Issues 14, 16, and 19 of the journal).
     The section Church in History includes “Orations on Shepherds and Disciples” by Archbishop Varfolomej (Remov) prepared for publication by Aleksej Beglov; a paper by Archimandrite Makarij (Veretennikov) “The Temple for St Mary Magdalene, Equal to Apostles, in Weimar”; by Nun Ignatija (Petrovskaja) “On Most Holy Patriarch Aleksij I”, by T.M. “Fr Aleksij Mechev, a Starets of Moscow”, and by Pavel Serzhantov “Time and Experience of Eternity in the Hesychast Anthropology”.
     In the section Church in Eternity we continue the “Lives of the Newly Canonized Saints” that were started in Issues 15–16 and 18–22. It is followed by “Stt Gereon and Ursula of Cologne” by Vladimir Shokhin.
     The section Dialogues and Soliloquies contains the last portion of the dialogue between Piama Gajdenko (“Theories on the Foundation of Morality”) and Vladimir Shokhin (“Two Types of Ethical Concepts”).
     In the section Russia that Is Not Gone we publish the last portion of “Letters” by Marija Zhelnavakova, and a collection of testimonies entitled “Signs and Miracles”.
     In the section Apologetics we publish “A Dialogue of an Atheist and a Christian. Marganite Lasky and Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh”. The section Church Culture contains a paper by Nun Ignatija (Petrovskaja) “The Role of St Andrew of Crete’s Great Canon and his other Works in the Church Hymnography”.
     An account on the conference “The Orthodox Theology on the Eve of the 3rd Millenium”, the last portion of the article “On Maronite Church” by Deacon Aleksandr Bulekov, a paper by Vladimir Legojda ““Being Religious” in a Non-Religious Era”, by Aleksej Fokin “From the History of the Western Theology: Marius Victorinus’ Triadology”, a summary for the collection of articles “The History of the Russian Orthodox Mission in Korea”, and four Obituaries — for Bishop Vasilij (Rodzianko), for Abbess Serafima, for Fr Feodor Sokolov, and Fr Aleksandr Egorov conclude the issue.