# 4 (22) 1999


     Sermons by Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh open the 22nd Issue (4th in 1999) of Alpha & Omega. The same section Biblical Studies contains also essays by Fr K. Kustodiev “Woman in the Old Testament”, Svetlana Sidorova “Divine Love and Human Love”, and the last portion of the abstract of Ch. Cranfield’s book “The Gospel according to St Mark” (chs. 14–16) by Yakov Testelets.
     In the section Patristic Exegesis we publish the “Sermon on the Transfiguration of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ” by St John Damascene translated by Fr Maksim Kozlov, the next portion of the “Book on the Seven Rules for the Study and Interpretation of the Holy Scripture” by Tychonius and an article of Anton Vojtenko “The Concept of logismos in the Fifty Spiritual Conversations of St Makarios of Egypt”. The section Patristics contains an article by Jurij Malkov “The Soteriology of St John Cassian the Roman”, and the last portion of the paper by Aleksej Sidorov “St Makarios of Egypt and the problem of the Corpus Macarii”.
     The section Church in History includes a paper by Bishop Basil (Osborn) “Living in the Future” translated by Deacon Georgij Zavershinskij, an article by Archimandrite Makarij (Veretennikov) “The Visible Monastic Regulations of Archbishop Gennadius of Novgorod”, the paper by Fr Aleksij Knjazev “Should the Rector So Desire” and two essays — “Patriarch Aleksij of Moscow and All Russia” by <A parishioner of Moscow> and “From this Generation” by Nikolaj Snopov.
     In the section Church in Eternity we continue the “Lives of the Newly Canonized Saints” that were started in Issues 15–16 and 18–21. It is followed by “The Life and Activity of St Theophanius The Recluse” by Archimandrite Georgij (Tertyshnikov).
     The section Dialogues and Soliloquies contains the dialogue of Piama Gajdenko (“Theories on the Foundation of Morality”) and Vladimir Shokhin (“Two Types of Ethical Concepts”) and a paper by Marina Zhurinskaya “Weeds, Thorns and Thistles”. In the section Russia that Is Not Gone we publish “Reminiscences of My Mother. Letters” by Marija Zhelnavakova.
     In the section Apologetics we publish a paper by Jurij Maksimov “The Faith of the Early Church According to the Witness of Gnostic Anti-Church Polemics”. The section Church Culture contains an article by Fr Peter Plank “Greek Church Poetry As Translated by the Slavs” translated by Marina Zhurinskaja.
     The next portion of the article “On Maronite Church” by Deacon Aleksandr Buletov, a note by Jurij Maksimov on the book “Spiritual Eldership in Rus” by Nun Ignatija (Petrovskaja), two essays — “The Master and Margerita: An Eye-Witness Account” by Mikhail Pershin and ““Selected Passages from Correspondence with Friends” by Nikolaj Gogol’: A way of a Christian Soul” by Vladislav Tomachinskij, “Chronicle” by Vasilij Kaleda and the contents of the journal in 1999 conclude the issue.