# 3 (21) 1999


     A paper by Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh “Evolution of the Image of Father and Christian Faith” opens the 21st Issue (3rd in 1999) of Alpha & Omega. The same section Biblical Studies contains also essays by Metropolitan Anthony (Khrapovitsky) “From the Commentaries to the Gospel”, an article by Fr Aleksij Knjazev “Divine Wisdom in the Old Testament: Notion and Image”, and the next portion of the abstract of Ch. Cranfield’s book “The Gospel according to St Mark” (chs. 12–14) by Yakov Testelets (to be continued).
     In the section Patristic Exegesis we publish the “Book on the Seven Rules for the Study and Interpretation of the Holy Scripture” by Tychonius. The section Patristics contains the “Circular Letter” by St Photios the Patriarch of Constantinople translated and provided with a Foreword by Pavel Kuzenkov, and a paper by Aleksej Sidorov “St Makarios of Egypt and the problem of the Corpus Macarii”.
     The section Church in History includes the second part of the article “The Eternal Life as the Supreme Good” (started in Issue 20) by Patriarch Sergij of Moscow and Whole Russia; a paper by Bishop Kallistos (Ware) “The Way of the Ascetics: Negative or Affirmative?”, “Asceticism” by Archimandrite Georgij (Tertyshnikov), “Theological Existentialism of Archimandrite Sofronij (Sakharov)” by Deacon Georgij Zavershinskij, and a paper by Nun Ignatija (Petrovskaja) “Patriarch Sergij and the Vysoko-Petrovsky Monastery”.
     The section Church in Eternity contains a paper by Archimandrite Georgij (Tertyshnikov) “Criteria of Canonization of Locally Venerated Saints in the Russian Orthodox Church”. Here we also continue the “Lives of the Newly Canonized Saints” that were started in Issues 15–16 and 18–20. It is followed by “The Life and Miracles of Saint Apostle Andrew” by Gregory the Bishop of Tours translated by Mikhail Timofeyev, with a Foreword by Andrej Vinogradov, and a paper by Archimandrite Makarij (Veretennikov) “A New Autograph by St Makarij”.
     The section Dialogues and Soliloquies contains a paper by Marina Zhurinskaya “The Youngest Brothers”. In the section Russia that Is Not Gone we publish a paper by Ekaterina Krasheninnikova “Temples and Pastors”, by Marija Krasheninnikova “Memoirs on Fr Nikolaj Golubtsov”, and by Tatjana Miller “Mother Natalia”.
     In the section Apologetics we publish a paper by Fr Mikhail Dronov “Science and Sources of the “Science Faith””. The section Church Culture contains a paper by Nun Ignatija (Petrovskaja) “Life and Works by St Theofanes the Traced”.
     A Russian Bibliography of Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh compiled by Elena Majdanovich, an obituary by Aleksej Beglov “There is No Death” (for Nun Catherine (Sakharova; *1957–†1999)); an article “On Maronite Church” by Deacon Aleksandr Buletov, “Through the Pages of the Orthodox Internet” by Viktor Sudarikov, and a review by Jurij Maksimov on the 1999 reprint of Nikolaj Glubokovskij’s book “Apostle Luke” first published in 1932 conclude the issue.