# 1 (19) 1999


     "Three Sermons" by Metropolitan ANTHONY of Sourozh - on the two brothers in the parable of the Prodigal Son; on the healings in the Gospel, and on the parable of the Rich Young Man open the 19th Issue (1st in 1999) of Alpha & Omega. In the same section Biblical Studies we print a paper by Fr Aleksij KNJAZEV "On the Divine Inspiration of the Holy Scripture" , and the next portion of the abstract of Ch. CRANFIELD' s book "The Gospel according to St Mark" (chs. 5-8) by Yakov TESTELETS (to be continued).
     The next section Patristic Exegesis contains "Questions and Answers to Thalassios. LIX" by St MAXIMUS the Confessor translated into Russian and with a commentary by Aleksej SIDOROV . In the section Patristics we continue to print the "Three Orations on the Structure of Man created in the Image of God" by St ANASTASIOS the Sinaite translated by Aleksej SIDOROV , and the last portion of the "Cosmic Liturgy. St Maximus the Confessor" by Hans URS von BALTHASAR (started in Issues 14 and 16 of the journal). Here we also publish a paper by Jurij ZAVERSHINSKIJ "St Gregory Palamas' Pneumatology and the Patristic Tradition".
     In the section Church in History we publish "The Theology of the Church" by St Justin (Popovic), a paper by Archimandrite GEORGIJ (Tertyshnikov) "St Theophanes the Recluse on the Holy Tradition and Patristic Heritage", by Fr Aleksandr GERONIMUS "The Revelation of the St Siluan of Athos", by Fr Peter PLANK "The Pastoral Care of Souls and the Orthodox Confession in the Diaspora", and by Garun IBRAGIMOV "Christianity among the Tsakhurs".
     The next section Church in Eternity includes the following part of the "Lives of the Newly Canonized Saints" that we started to publish in Issues 15, 16 and 18. The same section contains a paper by Archimandrite MAKARIJ (Veretennikov) "Notes on Metropolitan Makarij".
     In the next section Apologetics we publish a paper by Fr Vasilij POPOV "Orthodoxy and Freedom", an interview with the editors of the journal "Foma" Vladimir GURBOLIKOV and Vladimir LEGOJDA entitled "A Way to Understand God", papers by Aleksej SITNIKOV "Plotin's Ethics and Christianity", and by Vladimir SHOKHIN "Paul Hacker and the Patristic Treatment of the Non-Christian Thought".
     In the next section Church Culture we print a paper by Nun IGNATIJA (Petrovskaja) "The Liturgical Heritage by St Theodore the Studite" prepared for publication by Aleksej BEGLOV . The same section contains also papers by Ol'ga POSTERNAK "The 'Living Cross' in West European and Russian Traditions", and by Karl Christian FELMY "The Mother of God in Liturgy and Hymnography".
     An account of the celebration of the memory of St Metropolitan Makarij of Moscow on the 12th of January 1999, "Ancient Eastern Churches: the Malabar Church" by Boris NELJUBOV , and a review by Jurij MAKSIMOV on the Bulletin of the Russian Orthodox University conclude the issue.