# 3 (17) 1998


     "Sermons" by Metropolitan ANTHONY of Sourozh open the 17th issue (3rd in 1998) of the journal Alpha & Omega. In the same section Biblical Studies we print a paper by Fr Aleksij KNJAZEV "What is the Holy Scripture?" and an abstract of Ch. CRANFIELD' s book "The Gospel according to St Mark" by Yakov TESTELETS and Kirill MIKHAJLOV (to be continued).
     The next section Patristic Exegesis contains "Oration on the Occasion of the Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos" by St PHOTIUS , Patriarch of Constantinople translated into Russian by Fr Maksim KOZLOV . In the section Patristics we print the next portion of Amphilochia by the same author translated into Russian by Dmitrij AFINOGENOV , and a paper by Aleksej SIDOROV "St Theolept of Philadelphia, his Epoch and his Ecclesiology".
     The section Church in History follows that contains papers by Bishop KALLISTOS (Ware) "We Must Pray for All People" (translated by Jurij KAZACHKOV ); by Nun IGNATIA (Petrovskaja) "Starets' ministry in Russia" (edited by Aleksej BEGLOV ); by Vera YEREMINA "The Ecclesiologic Testimony by St Siluan of Athos", by Igor' SMOLICH "On the Problem of Periodization of the Russian Church History" translated by Archimandrite MAKARIJ (Veretennikov).
     The section Church in Eternity contains "The Martyrdom of the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus" by St GREGORY OF TOURS translated into Russian by Mikhail TIMOFEYEV , an article by Archimandrite GEORGIJ (Tertyshnikov) "The Missionary Works by Holy Nicolas of Japan, Equal to Apostles", and the "Life of St Kirill, Abbott of Chelmogorsk, the Wonder Worker of Kargopol'" published by Andrej MOROZ .
     In the next section Apologetics we print a paper by Archimandrite PLACIDE (Deseille) "The Problem of Evil" translated into Russian by Jurij KAZACHKOV , by Fr Gleb KALEDA "Apologetics in the Middle Ages", and the program of a course on apologetics by the same author. Jurij MAKSIMOV' s paper "Passages on Christ in Qur'an in the Light of Reliable Historical Testimonies" conclude the issue.
     This issue contains two newly introduced sections. In the first of them entitled Dialogues and Soliloquies we print papers by Vladimir SHOKHIN "The Classical Philosophy of Values: Prehistory, Problems, Results" and by Aleksandr DOBROKHOTOV "Questions and Answers to V. K. Shokhin's Axiology"; the section is provided with an editorial foreword on the philosophy of values, or axiology. The second new section entitled The Russia That Is Not Gone contains Fr Georgij Breyev's "Recollections on a Spiritual Son".
     Materials for study entitled "From the History of the Ecumenical Councils. The epoch of Patriarch Photius. Stt Cyril and Methodius' Mission. Christening of Bulgaria. The Great Council of Reconciliation" by Alexander DVORKIN , "False Prophecies on the Second Coming" by Dmitrij EVMENOV , "Old Eastern Churches: the Ethiopian Church" by Boris NELJUBOV , and a review by Vladimir GURBOLIKOV and Vladimir LEGOJDA "A Small Book" (on "Repentance. Confession. Spiritual Guidance" by Fr Vladimir Vorobjev) conclude the issue.