# 2 (16) 1998


     An essay by Metropoltan ANTHONY of Sourozh "The Lord's Prayer: its Opening Petitions", opens the 16th issue (the 2nd in 1998) of the journal Alpha and Omega. In the same section Biblical Studies we print papers "On Church" by Fr Alexander SCHMEMANN , "The Revelation on the Mother of Messiah" by Fr Aleksij KNJAZEV , and "Hexaples: the critical work on the Bible by Origenes" by Aleksej SIDOROV .
     The section Patristic Exegesis contains "The Decalogue of the Christian Statutes" by St GREGORY PALAMAS translated into Russian by Tatjana MILLER . A new section From Christmas to Easter contains a sermon by Metropoltan VENIAMIN (Fedchenkov) entitled "... and became Man. And he was crucified for us..." and two sermons on the occasion of the Good Friday by Fr Peter PLANK .
     The following section Patristics contains the next portion of "Amphilochia" by St PHOTIUS , Patriarch of Constantinople translated into Russian and commented by Dmitrij AFINOGENOV (the publication was started in Issues 13 - 15 of Alpha & Omega). Here we print also the "Canons of the Saint Apostles" translated by Aleksej FOKIN , and the next portion of the "Cosmic Liturgy. St Maximus the Confessor" by Hans URS VON BALTHASAR (started in Issue 14 of the journal).
     The section Church in History contains papers by Archimandrite MAKARIJ (Veretennikov) "The Church Council of 1549", by Archimandrite GEORGIJ (Tertyshnikov) "A Biography of Archimandrite Kronid (Ljubimov), the Vicar Abbot of the Troitse-Sergievo Lavra, and by Igor' SMOLICH "Nil Sorskij, the Great Starets", the second part of selections from "Spritual Foundations of Society" by Semen FRANK entitled "Main Principles of Social Life", and a review by Boris VYSHESLAVTSEV on the latter.
     The next section Church in Eternity includes the next part of the "Lives of the Newly Canonized Saints" that we started to publish in Issue 15, and "The Life of St Martinus, Bishop and Martyr" by SULPICIUS SEVERUS translated into Russian by Aleksej DONCHENKO .
     The section Apologetics contains a paper by Fr Mikhail DRONOV "Orthodox Asceticism and Psychoanalysis". In the next section Church Culture we print a paper by Fr Arkadij SHATOV "Fathers, mothers, and children" in which the problem of Church upbringing is addressed, and a paper by Nun IGNATIJA (Petrovskaja) 'The Liturgical Heritage by St Joseph the Hymnographer".
     A paper by Boris NELJUBOV "Ancient Eastern Churches. The Coptic Church", by Tatjana SOLOVJEVA"On the History of the Anglicano-Orthodox Dialogue in the XIXth Century", and a book note by Maksim SOKOLOV "A new Essay in Christian Apologetics" that reviews Deacon Andrej KURAEV' s book "Satanism for the Intelligentsia. The Rerikhs' Teaching and Orthodoxy", conclude the issue.