# 1 (12) 1997


     "Reflexions on the Way to Easter" by Metropolitan ANTHONY of Sourozh opens the 12th issue (the 1st in 1997) of the journal "Alpha & Omega". In the same section "Biblical Studies", we publish "Sermons" by Bishop BASIL (Osborne), a paper "Nicodemus" by Olivier CLEMENT, and a survey by Konstantin KAZENIN "Old Testament Textology".
     The next section ("Patristic Exegesis") contains an article by Archimandrite EPHREM (Lash) "Search the Scriptures", and an article by Tatjana MILLER "Beatitudes commented by St John Chrysostom". The section "Patristics" contains "The Second Oration on Holy Easter" by St ESYCHIUS of Jerusalem, and a paper by Archbishop NAFANAIL (L'vov) "From the History of the Carthago Church: Tertullian".
     A group of papers on Church history includes "Letters from prison" by Schiarchimandrite IGNATIJ (Lebedev), an article by Archimandrite MAKARIJ (Veretennikov) "Monk Zinovij of Otnja: a Theologian in Novgorod of the XVIth century", an article by Fr Dionisij POZDNJAEV "A Church built on Martyrs' Blood", and "Memoirs on My Father" by Yelizaveta SHIK.
     The section "Church in Eternity" includes "The Life of St Gregory the Great" by St SIMEON METHAPHRASTES. The section "Apologetics" includes letters by Metropolitan VENIAMIN (Fedchenkov), articles by Fr Mikhail DRONOV "Carnegie, "Anti-Carnegie", and St Abba Dorotheos", by Fr Deacon Andrej KURAEV "Hexameron as a polemical text", by Vladimir SHOKHIN ""Dialog of religions": Ideology and Practice", and by Sergej BELORUSOV "Humility and Dignity in Spiritual Life".
     The section "Church Culture" contains "Notes on the Highest of Arts" by Fr Aleksij UMINSKIJ, and a paper by Jurij MALKOV "Russian Literature of the XIth-XIIIth centuries on the Veneration of Icons".
     A paper by Fr Gregory ROGERS "From Evangelical to Orthodox", the next part of materials for study entitled "A History of the Ecumenical Councils" by Alexander DVORKIN, and notes by Svetlana ANDRJUSHINA "What do We Have in the Library?" conclude the issue.