# 1(8) 1996


     The section "Biblical Studies" containing a paper by Fr. Georges FLOROVSKY "Revelation and Interpretation" opens the 8th issue (the 1st in 1996) of the journal "Alpha and Omega". In this paper which is published in Russian for the first time, the dynamic nature of the divine Revelation is stressed, as well as the inseparability of the Church and its message. An article by Petr Yu. MALKOV "Living Water" investigating a common Biblical symbol belongs to the same section. A further selection of Introductions to Biblical books from the Jerusalem Bible follows. In this issue we print Introductions to the Books of Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, Wisdom, and Ecclesiasticus.
     The section "Patristic Exegesis" includes Tatjana A. MILLER's article "Patristic Interpretations of Psalm 99". In the next section, "Patristics", we print "Sermons" by AUGUSTINUS: sermon 59 on Paternoster, on Passions of the Lord, and the Oration on the Lord's Day.
     A group of papers about Church history includes an article by Archimandrite LEV (Gillet) "What is Faith?" and the sermon by Methropolitan ANTHONY of Sourozh delivered on the occasion of Fr. Lev's burial. An article by Archimandrite MAKARIJ (Veretennikov) on the history of the Russian Church follows, entitled "Stoglavyj Council of 1551". A chapter from Fr. Gleb KALEDA's book "Home Church" entitled "The Holy Sprit sanctifies a Family" and a historical account by Nun IGNATIA (Petrovskaya) "Vysoko-Petrovsky Monastery in 1920-30ies" also belong to this section.
     In the section "Apologetics" we print Fr. Mikhail DRONOV's paper "Do Not resist an Evil Person". The author discusses problems involved in the intrepretation of the Mount Sermon and debates on them in Russia before the Revolution greatly influenced by L. Tolstoy. In the same section, Fr. Deacon Andrej KURAEV presents his essay in apologetics "The Mystery of Expiation".
     The section entitled "Translation of the Holy Scripture" includes the "Address to Christ-loving Readers" written by three Russian bishops and published in 1820 as a preface to the first publication of the New Testament in the Russian language. A paper by C.S. LEWIS follows which was his Preface to Phillips' translations of the Letters of Apostles published in 1947.
     The section "Poetry" includes a group of poems by Georgij MALKOV "Wise Stones of the Covenant".
     The next section contains materials for students' learning: Vladimir N. LOSSKY's programs on dogmatic theology and the history of Church, and "The Origins of Christianity" by Aleksandr L. DVORKIN.