# 3(6) 1995


     A new translation of an extract from the Gospel of Matthew (26:17-28:20) by Sergej AVERINTSEV, together with some comments on the principles of Bible translation which he follows, opens the 6th issue (the 3rd for 1995) of the journal "Alpha and Omega". The section "Biblical Studies" contains an "Introduction to the reading of the Gospel of Mark" by Metropolitan ANTHONY of Sourozh, the second part of Fr. Maxim KOZLOV's article "Words for 'love' in the New Testament", an article by Fr. deacon Andrej KURAEV " 'And God separated...' (The motif of separation in the Bible)" followed by a further selection of Introductions to biblical books from the Jerusalem Bible, this time on the books of Chronicles, Ezra and Nehemiah.
     The next section, "Patristica", includes St. Gregory PALAMAS' "Tomos of the Holy Mount", accompanied by an editorial preface. In the same section we print also an article by Monk VASILIJ (Krivoshein) "Ascetic and theological doctrine of St. Gregory Palamas" which helps the reader to adequately understand St. Gregory's text and its theological significance. The section contains also a paper by Vladimir LOSSKY "St. Dionysius Areopagite and St. Maximos the Confessor". Both of the latter papers are translated into Russian for the first time.
     A group of papers about Church history includes an eyewitness historical account by Anton KARTASHEV "The Revolution and the Council of 1917-18", a paper by Vladimir LOSSKY "Hidden snares in ecclesiology", and memoirs by Fr. Gleb KALEDA "From the life of the Orthodox people during the years of persecution".
     The section "Church Culture" includes articles by Igor DANILEVSKIJ " 'Indifferently observing Good and Evil...' ? (Moral imperatives of an Old Russian chronicler)" and Yelena LUKOVNIKOVA "Ancient Christian images and symbols".
     The last part of the issue includes an article by Petr MALKOV "The Creation in modern myths and tales", an account by Sergej GLUSHENKOV "I was in the Moscow Church of Christ'" which depicts the inner life of one of innumerable cults imported into Russia during the last years, and a dialogue "The Orthodox Church in Belgium" conducted between two Orthodox priests, Fr.-Superior IGNATIJ (Krekshin), and Fr.-Superior Ignaty PECKSTAD.