# 2(5) 1995


     Psalm 103/104 in Church Slavonic, followed by its common Russian Syndodal translation and poetic translations by Fedor GLINKA (1831) and Andrei SERGEEV (1995), opens the 5th issue (the 2nd in 1995) of the journal "Alpha and Omega".
     The section "Biblical Studies" contains a sermon by Fr. Georges FLOROVSKY "The Valley of the Shadow of Death (O Ye Dry Bones)" on Hezekiel, 37 delivered in 1953 is published for the first time in Russian. A paper by Fr. Maksim KOZLOV, "The "Words of Love" in the New Testament" concentrates on philological analysis of Greek nouns and verbs denoting love in the Holy Scripture. It is followed by the essay "Commandments of Eden" by Fr. Andrej KURAEV who offers his comments for Gen 1:28 and 2:15-19. We print here also the next part of the Commentaries from the Jerusalem Bible, on the books of Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Samuel, and Kings first translated into Russian.
     The section "Patristic Exegesis" includes Tatiana A. MILLER's article "Byzantine Exegesis 4: The Christian Teaching on Nature and Man" followed by the second part of Origen's "Homily on the Song of Songs," translated by Natalia KHOLMOGOROVA.
     A collection of papers on Church history contains reflections by ANTHONY (Bloom), Methropolitan of Sourozh, "Being Orthodox in England", and a paper by Archimandrite MAKARIJ (Veretennikov) "Starets Adrian Angelov, the Steward of the Troitsa-Sergievo monastery" followed by Fr. Alexander SCHMEMANN's article "On Christian Love." A chapter of Fr. Gleb KALEDA's unpublished book "The Domestic Church" entitled "An Education of Love and Charity" concludes the section.
     Our new section entitled "Baptising All Nations" contains a historical essay by Alexander DVORKIN, "The Missionary", on that period of Patriarch Sergy (Stragorodsky)'s life when he worked in the Orthodox Mission in Japan in 1890-93 and 1897-99.
     A paper by Petr MALKOV, "Views of Holy Fathers and Teachers of the Church on Culture of the Paganism" belongs to the next section, "Church Culture".
     The reference section of the issue contains information on the first Conference of the Orthodox Bishops in North America held in Ligonier, Pennsylvania, from the 30th of November to the 2nd of December. We print the Statement on Orthodox unity in North America issued by the conference. It is followed by a review of the British Orthodox journal "Sourozh". A note on the Association of St. Silouan of Athos and a sketch of the life of St. Silouan's disciple Archimandrite Sophrony who died recently in England, are provided for the journal by Lidia CHAKOVSKAYA. "Test questions on the Book of Acts" elaborated by Alexander DVORKIN, and information on the new Christian publishing house of the Nunnery of Conception conclude the fifth issue of the journal.