# 1(4) 1995


     Translations of Psalm 90/91, one by Sergej AVERINTSEV and another by Andrej SERGEEV, open the 4th issue (the 1st in 1995) of the journal "Alpha and Omega".
     The section "Biblical Studies" contains a paper by Sergej AVERINTSEV in which the Greek Biblical term EUSPLAGCNIA 'heart tenderness', literally: "good bowels" is analyzed, the second part of Fr. Andrej KURAEV's "Reflections on the first Chapter of Genesis," and the introduction to the Pentateuch, from the Jerusalem Bible.
     The next section consists of an Easter Sermon by ANTHONY (Bloom), Metropolitan of Sourozh.
     The section "Patristic Exegesis" includes Tatjana A. MILLER's article "Byzantine Exegesis 3. Origenes" followed by Origenes' "Homily on the Song of Songs," translated by Natalia KHOLMOGOROVA.
     The section "Church in History" is opened by Fr. Ioann MEYENDORFF's paper "The Liturgy: A Lead to the Mind of Byzan tium", published for the first time in Russian, followed by Fr. Gleb KALEDA's article "The Family as a School of Love" and two memoirs on Fr. Gleb's life: "A Page of the Church History" by Igor' GAR'KAVYJ and "On Fr. Gleb Kaleda," by Aleksandr DVORKIN.
     The section "Church in Eternity" includes a paper by Archimandrite MAKARIJ (Veretennikov) "Saint Alexander of Svir' and Saint Bishop Makarij, Metropolitan of Moscow".
     A paper by Fr. Georgij FLOROVSKIJ, "On the Veneration of Sophia, God's Wisdom, in Byzantium and in Old Russia," belongs to the next section, "Church Culture".
     The section "Poetry" includes two poems by Rainer Maria RILKE translated into Russian by Andrej SERGEEV.
     The last section contains some reference materials: a review of the British Orthodox journal "Sourozh", and notes on two international conferences recently held in Moscow, one on issues in Biblical translation, another entitled "Russian Literature of the XIXth century and Christianity".