# 2 1994


     A new translation of the Sermon on the Mount (Mth 5 - 7) by Sergej S. AVERINTSEV (Moscow), with his comments, opens the 2nd issue of the journal "Alpha and Omega".
     A group of articles on Biblical topics follows, including sermons by ANTHONY (Bloom), Metropolitan of Surozh, on the New Testament; Bishop KASSIAN (Bezobrazov)'s paper at the 1927 meeting of St.Alban's Society entitled "The Principles of the Orthodox Exegesis of the Word of God" and Boris I. SOVE's "Notes on the Holy Scripture of the Old Testament" (1936) are now first published in Russia; in Abbot IGNATIJ (Krekshin)'s short preface the significance of both papers is pointed out.
     The next section ("Patristic Exegesis") includes a article by Tatjana A. MILLER "The Byzantine Exegesis I. The Origins" which may serve as an introduction to the field.
     The section "Church in History" contains articles by Father Gleb KALEDA, Dr of Geology, "The Shroud of Turin - the Sign of Contradictions", with new considerations on radiocarbonic analysis of the Shroud; Alexander L. DVORKIN's article "The role of the Byzantino-Aragones conspiracy in preparation of the Sicilian Vespers" and Father Anthony HUGHESE's "The Orthodox revival in the Oral Roberts University".
     The next section deals with problems of translation of the Holy Scripture. It includes Sergej S. AVERINTSEV's review on "Canonical Gospels", a new Russian translation of the Gospels. The review is followed by a paper by Magomedkamil GIMBATOV and Yakov TESTELEC who share their experience in translating the New Testament into Avar language, of the North Caucasus.
     In the section of poetry, Lord Byron's verse "The Destruction of Sennacherib", of his "Hebrew Melodies" is published with two Russian translations, one made by Count Aleksej K. TOLSTOY, an outstanding Russian Christian poet of the Nineteenth century, another by a modern translator.
     The last section contains materials of an international Christian seminar "Totalitarian Cults in Russia" held in Moscow in May 1994. The materials include an editorial, the chronicle authored by Yegor S. KHOLMOGOROV, and the Declaration issued by the seminar. Test questions on Church history designed by Alexander L. DVORKIN conclude the second issue of the journal.